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Volunteer rescues street cat called Desmond

14 June 2017
Volunteer rescues street cat called Desmond

Desmond was rescued by a volunteer at Cats Protection Mid Kent branch.
He is currently residing at Bearsted Vets. He had had a wretched life on the streets for three years (allegedly) when we got the call to ask us to help.

He was very sick. Desmond was full of fleas and had abscesses on his cheeks. He had scratched himself silly with claw marks all over his face trying to relieve the pain. 

He was a very upset cat, the head nurse said it was the worst case of neglect she had ever seen.  

The good news. He is so much better now, he has calmed down and is quite affectionate now that he is out of pain. His cheeks are still hot and he is still on anti-biotics however he looks so much better.

He's loving the soft bed, three meals a day to build him up, not scratching any more and all the fleas have gone. He has become the darling of the vets nurses who take turns to cuddle and stroke and groom this street cat. 

We have found a re-homing centre to take him to later in the week to be re-homed who will look after him in the meantime. He is not FIV so will fit in with other animals but we hope that after all he has been through we can find a home without other cats, he needs all the love he can get after his ordeal. How cruel can people be to abandon such a beautiful cat.