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Tips for a Cat Safe Easter 🐱🐣🐰

01 April 2018
Tips for a Cat Safe Easter 🐱🐣🐰 1. Please don’t feed you cat your chocolate egg. I know it’s tempting when they give you that look but even small amounts can be toxic to them. Instead, make them a treat and cook up some fresh eggs for them. They are high in protein and their tummies will be much happier

2. Be careful with Easter lilies. While they may look beautiful to us all of the flower is dangerous to our feline friends. Although cats don’t tend to eat lilies make sure to snip our the orange pollen to keep them safe.

3. Hot cross buns. I’m sure you won’t be wanting to share this yummy treat but if you are in a sharing mood don’t let kitty have any as raisins, currants, sultanas and grapes are toxic to them

4. Watch that they don’t eat the grass that lines Easter baskets. It can cause obstructions and make them very poorly